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BREAKING: Geraldo Rivera’s Life Is OVER!

BREAKING: Geraldo Rivera’s Life Is OVER!
Geraldo Rivera’s life of living on the edge of trash, questionable behavior, and his overall pointless existence might come to a screeching halt if this old-school female celebrity starts haggling him and the mainstream media about what he did to her years ago. Bette Midler, another celebrity I could care less about, has some dirty nasty information about Rivera and if she starts running her yap like a high school drama queen, then Rivera’s stank career might be over.

Call Rivera whatever you want – he’s been in business for ages and he won’t hesitate to sink to the bottom of a dumpster if it keeps him on television. It’s not shocking that Midler, someone I always found unattractive and only borderline talented, has revived the story about herself getting groped by Rivera and possibly his crew back in the day. This was so long ago that “poppers” were involved, which are a drug that people sniffed to get high for a few minutes and it made your libido skyrocket.

Sure he’s on Fox, but he’s a bit of a dope and most people know that. But what most people may not know is the exact details from boring Bette’s story that involved the groping and poppers.

Meddling Midler told this story to Barbara Walters in 1991, but the incident allegedly took place in the 1970’s.


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