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Bruins-Leafs Game 7 2013 NESN Highlights 5/13/13

Down 3 goals in the 3rd period, the Boston Bruins mount a thrilling comeback at the end of Game 7 in the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals vs the Toronto Maple Leafs and win 5-4 in OT on a goal by Patrice Bergeron, on May 13, 2013.

1st Period
0:00 Krejci and Horton 2 on 1, save Reimer
0:10 Penalty on Peverley
0:16 Chara hits Kessel
0:22 Puck trickles past Rask
0:26 Bartkowski scores, 1-0 Bruins
1:37 Bergeron hits Phaneuf
1:53 Save by Rask on Lupul, penalty on Chara
2:15 Franson scores, 1-1
2:57 Lupul hit by Bartkowski, Colborne shot saved by Rask, Colborne leveled

2nd Period
3:20 Franson scores, 2-1 Toronto
4:17 Glove save by Rask on Gardiner
4:29 Grabovski hit by Hamilton, Lucic and Phaneuf shove, penalty on Lucic
5:20 Reimer falls after minor contact with Marchand, Paille chance goes wide
5:35 Lupul goes barreling into Rask knocking his helmet off, Rask punches him with the blocker.
6:12 Marchand falls over a stick, penalty on Toronto
6:28 Bruins fail on a PP, are booed off the ice as period ends.

3rd Period

7:05 Save by Rask on Grabovski, Bartkowski rushes puck up ice, Kessel scores, 3-1 Toronto
8:30 Thornton chance blocked
8:40 2 on 1, Kadri scores on Kessel's rebound, 4-1 Toronto
9:33 Jack: "The Toronto Maple Leafs, unless they suffer a colossal collapse, are going to eliminate the Boston Bruins..."
10:07 Horton scores, 4-2 Toronto
10:52 Chara can't find a puck through Reimer's crease
11:02 Lucic hits Gunnarson
11:14 Breakaway for Frattin, misses wide as Tuukka makes himself big in the net
11:31 Tuukka goes to the bench, Lucic scores, 4-3 Toronto
13:46 Tuukka back to the bench, Bergeron scores, tie game
15:46 Rally towels litter the ice
18:20 Peverley has gets a rebound on a fallen Reimer but can't gather it in, end 3rd

19:08 Two saves by Rask on Lupul
19:23 Boychuk shot saved, Phaneuf tackles Bergeron
19:36 Bergeron hits Phaneuf at center ice
19:39 Seguin chance, save Reimer
19:56 Krejci line chances
20:50 Bergeron scores, Bruins win 5-4

22:38 Handshakes, Lucic ball tap on Phaneuf
25:00 Chara interviewed by Naoko
28:12 Bergeron interviewed by Naoko
29:30 Maple Leafs crowd live as Bergeron scores the OT goal


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