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Final Draft Roundtable with Stick to Football | The Lefkoe Show

NFL Draft Eve is here and the madness has already begun. Frank Clark traded to the Chiefs! (1:00) Where will Josh Rosen land? (15:00) We dive into the best Smokescreens of NFL Draft Season (34:50) and took our aim at some popular Draft Prop bets (50:20)

Make sure to check out the Lefkoe Show X Stick to Football NFL Draft Show on Thursday night at 7:50pm EST! We'll be streaming on YouTube, Twitter and of course, the B/R App. Appreciate you homies! Hope your team drafts your favorite player! 33%

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1:00 Frank Clark traded to Chiefs!
4:00 Clark's impact on Chiefs defense
6:00 Did Seattle get good value for Clark?
8:10 The Year of RusSell Wilson continues
10:00 Any Draft Rumors?
12:00 Will sending scouts home help Oakland in Draft?
15:00 Lefkoe is officially team Josh Rosen
17:30 Goff vs. Wentz: Better Career so far?
22:10 Unique Thought: Josh Allen (Pass Rusher)
23:00 Unique Thought: Jeffrey Simmons is top 5 player
25:30 Lefkoe: Buffalo Bills control the draft
28:15 Who will trade up on draft night?

30:00 Best landing spots for Josh Rosen
31:20 Miami’s draft strategy
32:30 The forgotten man: Dexter Lawrence
33:30 Just how good is Dwayne Haskins?
34:50 Best Smokescreen of NFL Draft season?
38:00 Can anyone explain Daniel Jones?
42:10 Perfect NFL Draft Scheme Fits
43:00 Miller vs. Lefkoe: Aaron Rodgers
45:20 What if DK Metcalf goes to the Packers?!
47:50 Where is the perfect sport for Dwayne Haskins?
48:30 Noah Fant top destinations
50:20 NFL Draft Prop Bets
51:40 (o/u) 3.5 QB’s taken in the First round
53:20 First WR taken in the Draft?
56:45 (o/u) 2.5 Clemson Players taken in the First round
57:40 Who does the #1 pick hug first? (Mom -200) (Field +150)
58:25 (o/u) 3.5 Alabama players taken in First round
58:50 (o/u) 2.5 WRs taken in the First round
59:30 Player selected 3rd overall?
1:01:00 Lefkoe's new approach to NFL Draft night
1:03:30 Bold predictions before the Draft


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