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Floam Slime with Toothpaste! GIANT DIY Toothpaste Slime Recipe

Floam Slime with Toothpaste! GIANT DIY Toothpaste Slime Recipe! Oh yeah, I'm going to show you how to make giant toothpaste slime! Learn how to make a giant toothpaste slime without water, borax, liquid starch or liquid detergent. No shampoo either. This DIY slime with toothpaste is definitely different than any other toothpaste slime. All you need is gel toothpaste, elmer's pva glue or any other pva glue, styrofoam pellets (from the craft store) and salt. I have had a lot of requests to make slime with toothpaste. After the success of my DIY Giant Toothpaste slime video I thought it might be cool to make a floam slime with toothpaste. And since we seem to be on a mega or giant slime run I decided to use five bottles of glue and five tubes of toothpaste. You know how much I love to make giant slime! I have tried a lot of different toothpaste slime recipes and I found this one works best. My little girls love playing with this. Not only is this a great toothpaste slime, it's also great if you want a DIY slime that uses household items, but is also a slime without liquid starch, liquid detergent, borax or shampoo. You can leave out the styrofoam and make regular toothpaste slime if you want. If you can't find the syrofoam balls needed for floam slime at the store, you can usually find them in an old neck support pillow. To be honest with you, toothpaste slime is pretty tricky to make. I've tried making toothpaste slime at least 20 times. It probably failed the first ten times. When making toothpaste slime you have to mix and mix and mix. It also gets a different consistancy almost everytime I make it. For some reason it seemed to get stretchy this time when I added the styrofoam balls. I don't know if that was a coincidence or not. Just keep this information in mind if you decide to attempt this slime. It is much easier to make toothpaste slime in a smaller amount. Thanks for watching! Don't forget to subscribe!

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Floam Slime with Toothpaste! GIANT DIY Toothpaste Slime Recipe

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