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Heated Debate: Bill O'Reilly and Geraldo Rivera Go Head-to-Head on Casey Anthony Verdict

Following Casey Anthony's acquittal in her daughter's death Tuesday, Bill O'Reilly and Geraldo Rivera got into a very heated exchange about whether the verdict was fair.

Bill O'Reilly admits to being incredibly angry about the outcome of the case and wonders if Geraldo feels the same way. Rivera says, "You have to understand that I see this in two ways. I see it as a citizen and as a father—three of my five children are girls, as you know. I relate to this poor victim, to this child. I am absolutely scornful and feel a great sense of disdain for the accused, for the former accused, Casey Anthony. I think she clearly lied and did a lot of things here that were absolutely reprehensible, but there's a couple of things that people forget and that's where I think people have to understand now and be honest with themselves and figure a couple of things out. Number 1: There was not one bit of evidence that this mother ever in any way neglected or abused this child."

O'Reilly stops Rivera, arguing that Casey's failure to contact anyone in the 30 days that Caylee was missing constitutes neglect.

Geraldo says that according to photos, and videos, Casey Anthony was a good mother. Bill says, "Oh bull, this is so much bull I can't stand it. A good mother? How does a good mother go to a wet-body contest when her baby is missing. How does that happen?"

Geraldo contends that maybe Casey actions result from mental illness derived from so many years of abuse.

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