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How to Memorize Pi - Easiest Way Possible

How to memorize pi fast and easily (Video 1). Learn pi to 20 decimals 10X faster than you ever imagined possible! Transcript below.

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Visualization and association are the keys to super-effective memorization.

Transform numbers into images by picturing objects that rhyme with the related digit.

Connect the mental images with a story.


When you think of pi, imagine a slice of pie in a tree, and the tree is pointing.

It’s pointing at a gun.

The gun is slapped away by a door.

Out of the door walks a nun.

The nun takes a large dive.

She disappears into a glass of wine.

The wine spits out a shoe.

Chasing the shoe are some sticks.

Landing on the sticks is a hive.

The hive jumps onto a ski.

To escape, the ski takes a dive.

It crashes into the side of a skate.

Out of the skate grows a vine.

The vine grows up to heaven.

Telling the vine to stop is a sign.

The sign is grabbed by a large bee.

It crashes into an enormous screw.

The screw hits the bee away with a key.

Then the key falls and smashes a plate.

That’s annoying so the plate grabs an oar.

The oar is thrown into a large pile of bricks.

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