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Jeopardy! James Holzhauer Day 28 Final Jeopardy 5/27/19 Episode 186

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Howdy Hungry Haus (Hoss) subscribers! Guess who got a tripod? I want to thank you for all your comments, yes I read them and I give you a thumbs-up, a few thumbs down, so I remember I read them.

You'll notice the Double Jeopardy round from the other day I had posted is now blocked, but Sony is "Johnny on the spot" to have an ad attached to this video in just 20 minutes.

James was on fire today! At the first break Alex commented that "James is off to a bigger start than normal." James found the 1st Daily Double just before the break. He had $8200 to wager. Monica had a goose egg and Scott only had $1000. James bet "all the cheddar" and scored! His total of $16,400, meant the game was likely gonna be a runaway.

At the break, Alex's comment to James was, he understood he was a good bridge player. James commented that he likes tournaments but "you need a regular partner that understand each other". I've never played bridge and would watch James play a round.

James was crushing it at the break before Double Jeopardy with a total of $21,800, Monica at $600 and Scott had $3k.

James ruled all the Daily Doubles today. Finding the 2nd daily double with $24,200, Monica had $2200 and Scott was still at $3k. James's bet was $11,022, answered correctly and his earnings were at $35,222.

Next he found the 3rd daily double with a nest egg of $41,622. His gutsy wager of $20k was expected. Now up to $61,622, James certainly was looking at the possibility of a new one day winning record. Monica had amased a 2nd place position finally of $4600. Scott was stuck at $3k.

James was going into Final Jeopardy with a normal person's yearly salary of $72,022. Monica remained in 2nd place with $6600 and Scott moved up to $6200. Scott bet it all but a $1, answered correctly and was in 2nd place with $12,399. Monica got it correct too and bet $6595, taking back 2nd place with $13,195.

We all knew James was gonna bet big! Monica could have amassed $13,200 if she bet it all in Final. That means James had $58,822 more than her he could wager. His bet of $58k was bold indeed, but just left him short of his previous record by $1105. $130,022 is good for the 2nd highest one day winnings. I'm thinking he'll beat the $131,127 one day winning record another day.

James's double jeopardy and final jeopardy wagers totaled $97,222 today. That's got to be a record breaker too!

James's 28 day total of $2,195,557 is just $325,645 off Ken Jennings 74 day winnings. I'm guessing he'll earn that by weeks end.

Are you a loyal Alex Trebek fan? You have to watch this CBC interview. "I'm Canadian, I played hockey... I'm a tough guy!"

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