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Lighthouse ~ James Bird (Original)

This song is the final song in the album story "Parables" available on Spotify

Tomorrow came the storm had went, I called your name across the morning tides, the sun began to rise
I can't believe what I had seen, I held on tight, but then the ship caved in. I searched all through the night.
Sails are torn, my love is dead, you always said, "I wonder when I'll die," the sea held your reply.
I put my gun right to my head, said my prayers, but then a crow dropped in, he said, "Where should I begin?"

"Take some time, it's rough, I know. She rests inside.
Fix this ship and sail the seas, love again and kiss her knees,
don't you ever hate yourself.

There's a girl you're meant to meet, she's got everything you need, don't you ever let her go.
And you will learn, to love again."

I starved for weeks and grew a beard, I couldn't sleep, or even try to dream, my weak heart ripped into three.
The darkness came and stole my breath, I needed warmth inside this mind of mine, the shadows will take my life.
Then I saw the lighthouse gleam, it called me in and said "Your love rests here, there's nothing that you should fear."
Anchors down, I swam ashore, ran toward the light, and sprinted up the stairs, I saw someone waiting there

She turned to me, I could not breathe. She smiled with ease.

"We'll fix this ship and sail the seas, love again, I'll kiss your knees, don't you ever hate yourself.
I'm the man you're meant to meet, I know it's strange but in a dream, I swear I saw your face.
And we will learn to Love again."


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