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MEGA CUBE SLIME FLOAM | making a giant mega size cube floam | Slimeatory #35

Hey guys! So after seeing a bunch of floam cubes on Instagram I thought it would be very very cool to make a mega giant one.

Let me know if you guys want me to put colors on this cube and I will in my second channel!

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I hope you guys enjoy the vid and don't forget to leave some of your awesome suggestions in the comments!

Thanks for watching guys, please leave a comment on your suggestion on my next slime!

I Hope to see you on my next video

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Ameerah Navalua
P.O. box 392
Scottsdale, AZ 85252


1 gallon of glue
1 pack of 12 glitter
1 bottle of liquid starch

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The giveaway entries end on May 31st.

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may 27th at Arizona Mills in Tempe, AZ at around 4 P.M. Around the food court!


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