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Natalie Portman Teaches Acting | Official Trailer | MasterClass

One of her generation’s most versatile performers, Academy Award-winning actor Natalie Portman has been captivating audiences for decades. Since her on-screen debut at age 12, she’s worked with some of cinema’s most celebrated directors and showcased her skills through unforgettable roles in Black Swan, Jackie, and the Star Wars franchise.

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Having never taken an acting class, Natalie developed her craft over 25 years of observation, collaboration, and countless bold experiments. The consummate dramatic shapeshifter, she has worked across genres and historical periods, imbuing each performance with an authenticity she attributes to intense research, preparation, and an eye for human behavior.

In her MasterClass, Natalie gives you an intimate walk through the lessons she’s gained during her career, emphasizing the elements of a stellar performance and her experiences collaborating with actors and directors. Drawing from her personal process, Natalie shows how she prepares for a role, highlighting her research habits and tips for developing realistic body movements and gestures. With her dialect coach, she shares how to incorporate accents and dialect into a role and explains how she perfected her voice for the title role in Jackie. Reflecting on her time on set, she explains how to collaborate with actors, improvise in the moment, and establish rapport with some of Hollywood’s greatest luminaries. In Natalie’s MasterClass, you’ll learn how to create unique characters and fill them indelibly with life.

In 20 lessons over two-plus hours of video, with a customized workbook chapter tailored to each lesson, Natalie teaches you how to:
• Create authentic characters
• Deploy physicality and gesture
• Develop dialect and accents
• Improvise in the moment
• Work with props
• Connect with collaborators on set
• Establish rapport with directors
• Perform on camera and in front of a green screen

• Give dazzling auditions

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