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Ninety Naps A Day (Medical Documentary) - Real Stories

Four British narcoleptics on a journey that takes them to the city that never sleeps. They've spent their lives isolated - knowing no-one with their condition and unaware of what they can do to get on top of their sleep disorder.

Laughing, dating, even sex can all trigger narcolepsy making their day-to-day life very difficult. All that could be about to change. Â In April 2008 the Narcolepsy Network in the US will hold it's first ever spring retreat - a giant sleepover in upstate New York for dozens of Americans who can't stop nodding off. It's a mammoth affair - a weekend of laughter workshops, music energisers and seminars about sex and intimacy. Learning how to deal with these trigger points is what the Narcolepsy Network is all about. British narcoleptics have never been to this event - until now. At the heart of this film is a life-changing journey for four British narcoleptics who are struggling to make the most of their lives as a result of their condition. This is a therapeutic pilgrimage for them, a world away from the isolated lives they lead here in the UK. The journey itself is at the centre of the therapy - the simple fact of travelling together and experiencing things together is beneficial for narcoleptics - but the retreat destination where they will practice radical ways to control their narcolepsy, will be equally important for them.

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