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The 7 Saddest Things About Kaley Cuoco's Life

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The world of television is filled with secrets that the viewing public would often kill to know. This is why fans are so excited when they find that rare celebrity that's willing to spill a secret or two — and that's part of the unique appeal of Kaley Cuoco. In addition to playing the beautiful girl next door on TV's the Big Bang Theory, Cuoco has developed something of a reputation as someone who's not afraid to speak her mind. On topics ranging from her divorce to the future of her breakout television show to feminism itself, Cuoco has never been afraid to call it like she sees it, even if no one else agrees. Here are a few of the top times that Kaley Cuoco decided to air her dirty laundry…

Big Bang Bye-Bye? | 0:39
Ink and a miss | 1:12
The moneymakers | 2:18
Tissue issue | 3:08
Chronic Googler | 3:42
Feminism flip-flop | 4:32
A leak to stop the flood | 5:23

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