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Why you don't understand native English speakers

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Hey! This is a new video about why you struggle to understand native English speakers. I already made a similar video on this topic, and you can watch it here:

However, in this video we discuss several new topics.. for example, maybe you don't understand native English speakers because the people you speak with have REALLY bad speaking habits. Maybe they mumble, don't enunciate, and speak too quietly! All of these things will interfere with clear communication.

Another reason you may struggle to understand native English speakers is because sometimes people don't explain things in a logical manner. Or maybe they use idioms that you're not familiar with.

There are so many reasons you may not understand native English speakers, but most of the time it's not your fault (especially if you understand me!).

Once you realize that you're not too blame, you will have more confidence when speaking with others. You won't be afraid to ask someone to speak up, clarify what they mean, or even start over.

Also, keep in mind that people speak differently all over the world. You may be unfamiliar with different accents, regional vocabulary, or slang terms. This is OK! As long as you aren't afraid to ask someone to repeat what they say (or say it a different way), you'll be fine.

Anyhow... I hope this video was helpful! If you can think of any other reasons why it might be difficult to understand native English speakers, feel free to list them in the comments.

See you in the next video! :D

PS. "I've been taking the piss out of myself recently." means "I've been making fun of myself recently." I never would have guessed... 👀🙅🏼‍♀️😅 idioms are so crazy!!


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-Mexico, Argentina, Ireland, UK, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy
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-Yes, I have lived in Argentina since January 2013
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-No. I work with advanced English learners, and they don't need or want me to slow down. You can slow down my videos with this chrome extension:
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